Journal of North African Studies

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Journal of North African Studies

Journal of North African Studies (ISSN: 1362-9387) is a peer reviewed academic journal that was founded in 1996 in order to provide a forum for scholars of and from the region of North Africa. [1]

The region has no doubt been understudied despite its significant historical, cultural and economic legacies. The journal is therefore unique as it is the first academic journal in English to 'analyse historic and current affairs of an important region of the Mediterranean basin linking West Asia, Africa, and Europe.' [1]

The journal covers a wide variety of topics including both country-based and regional themes, which are said to range from 'historical inquiries to political, sociological, cultural, anthropological, and economic studies.' [1]

All of the articles in this journal must undergo a rigorous peer review process which is based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing. [1]

The journal is published five times a year by Routledge publishers.


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