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Professor Jonathan Chick MA, MPhil, MBChB, DSc, FRCPsych, FRCPE is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals and Spire Shawfair Park Hospital which are private hospital providers.[1]

Chick graduated in Natural Science and Experimental Psychology at Cambridge University and trained in medicine in Edinburgh, qualifying in 1971, before specialising in psychiatry and working at the Medical Research Council Unit for Epidemiological Studies in Psychiatry in Edinburgh. He has been a consultant to the World Health Organisation and government departments in Brazil, Canada, USA, Australia as well as the UK.[2]

Chick practised for 30 years as an NHS consultant at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and is currently a consultant for Spire Edinburgh Hospitals.[2]

His research interests include: Effectiveness studies in treating alcohol dependence; Policy and public health in relation to alcohol.[2]

Chick is an Honorary Medical Adviser to the Institute for Alcohol Studies (UK) and to The Drinkaware Trust, and Chief Editor of the international journal Alcohol and Alcoholism.[2]


In April 2014 it emerged that Chick was a consultant to Lundbeck the Danish pharmaceutical firm which gained approval for its drug Nalmefene (Selincro) from the Scottish Medicines Consortium in late 2013.

The pharma firm wrote a letter earlier this year to GPs entitled "Helping The Alcohol Dependent Patient Already in Your Waiting Room". It invited doctors to a briefing on Nalmefene by "leading experts in the field", including consultant psychiatrist Professor Jonathan Chick. Chick had welcomed the SMC decision at the time, saying he was "pleased" Scottish patients would have access to the treatment. He has provided consultancy services to Lundbeck. Chick did not respond to emailed questions about his work for the firm.[3]


Among his co-authors was the statistician John Duffy, who was controversially linked to the Portman Group, with whom he wrote two articles in 1978 and 1986[4]



  • Black H, Gill J, Chick J (2011) The price of a drink: levels of consumption and price paid per unit of alcohol by Edinburgh’s ill drinkers with a comparison to wider alcohol sales in Scotland. Addiction, 106, 729–736


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