Joint Intelligence Committee (Germany)

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Joint Intelligence Committee (Germany) was one of a number of "British intelligence fora established overseas in support of British military commanders and/or officers administering British colonial etc governments."[1]

According to a 1973 Cabinet Office file:

In peace time the Chairman of JIC Germany, [REDACTED] and the Embassy representative in attendance are located at the Embassy in Bonn. BGS INT & SY HQ BAOR, CIO HQ RAF Germany, Director BSSO (Germany), [REDACTED], and Secretary JIC (Germany) are at JHQ Rheindahlen. The Representative of the GOC Berlin is located in Berlin. Formal meetings of the JIC (Germany) are held once a month, alternatively at Bonn and JHQ: One meeting a year is held in Berlin. In addition the members at Rheindahlen meet weekly to prepare, inter alia, a review of the current situation for JIC (A) London.[2]

Since they are not otherwise mentioned, its possible that the redactions may refer to MI6 or to the British Services Intelligence Unit (Germany).