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Jiří Schneider, currently the Program Director of PSSI (Prague Security Studies Institute), is the former Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. He is also the former head of the Policy Planning Department of the MFA, a post he has held several times: 1993-1994, 1999-2001, and since the beginning of 2003. In 2002, Mr. Schneider served as an International Policy Fellow at the Open Society Institute in Budapest. From 1995 until 1998, Mr. Schneider served as the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Israel. Mr. Schneider also served as an MP of the Czechoslovak Federal Assembly from 1990 until 1992. Prior to 1989 and his entry into public service, Mr. Schneider was employed as a forestry surveyor. He serves as a part-time lecturer at Charles University, at New York University in Prague, and to PSSI’s Robinson-Martin Security Scholars Program[1]


Democracy and Security International Conference, Attendee [2]| Prague Security Studies Institute


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