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The BBC reported:

The owner of a record label was seriously hurt when she was accidentally shot in the neck by her son with an air rifle. Jill Sinclair, who set up ZTT Records with her husband Trevor Horn, was shot in the garden of their home near Henley, Oxfordshire, on Sunday night. A company spokesman said: "Purely accidentally she took a pellet in the neck. She is stable but critical."
Ms Sinclair, 54, remains unconscious in an intensive care unit in hospital. The pellet, which was fired by her 22-year-old son during a target practice session, hit an artery. The company spokesman said it was too early to tell at this stage whether Ms Sinclair would suffer brain damage from the injury. The couple have four children, three girls and a boy, and the youngest is aged 11. ZTT Records enjoyed considerable success with bands such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Art of Noise. In the 1990s ZTT became a successful dance label boasting names like Seal and Adamski. Ms Sinclair, a former maths teacher, married her record producer husband 26 years ago. [1]



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