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Jason McCue is the Senior partner at law firm McCue & Partners.[1] He is also the Special UK Counsel at MM~Law. He specializes in human rights, victims' rights, transitional justice, conflict resolution and litigation. McCue was awarded U.K. Law Society's Solicitor of the Year Award 2009-2010 for, among other things, his successful litigation against leaders of the Real IRA on behalf of victims of the Omagh bombing. McCue also heads the Libyan United Kingdom Reconciliation Group, supported by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. He is an Ambassador for Femmes Africa Solidarité and founder and Director of the GREAT Foundation; and chief advisor to Crisis Action.[2]

McCue represented David Trimble in a 1999 libel action against Amazon UK, for selling Sean McPhilemy's book, The Committee.[3]


In 2009, the BBC's Nick Robinson reported that the British Government was supporting a legal action against Libya by victims of the Lockerbie Bombing:

So why does the victims' lawyer insist it is not, in fact, a U-turn? In part, it's because Brown said then, and still says now, that he will not engage directly with Gaddafi to get compensation - that, he insists, would not be "appropriate".
In part, perhaps, it's because Jason McCue does not want to slap in the face someone who's just given him some of what he wants. McCue and his wife, Mariella Frostrup are, incidentally, also friends of the Browns.[4]


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