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Jane Saren is a lobbyist. she ran the office of GPC Scotland in the run up to devolution and then moved to the neoliberal think tank the Scottish Council Foundation.

Although now a lobbyist with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Peter's first lobbying job was with GPC Scotland, the firm which used to employ the now-notorious Derek Draper in London, the former aide to Peter Mandelson accused of offering special access to ministers."That was a real setback in London but, because of Jane Saren and George Edwards who run GPC up here, there's been no problem," he says.
Jane Saren's name is also well-known in political circles, after all she was on Labour's list of potential MSPs. She may not have been selected but it's this close association between lobbyists and politicians which tends to arouse public suspicion. It's one Hastie is keen to play down.[1]


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