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Jackie Cooper Public Relations (JCPR)


  • Robert Phillips Founding Partner


91 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6XE
Telephone: 020 7208 7208
Fax: 020 7208 7272
Email: info@jcpr.com
Website: www.jcpr.com www.jcpr.com www.jcpr.com

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Jackie Cooper Public Relations (JCPR) was founded in 1987 by Robert Phillips and Jackie Cooper. The company was acquired by Edelman, the world's largest, independent PR firm, in May 2004 and is now the London consumer heartbeat of the Edelman global offering. JCPR is widely recognised as Britain's leading consumer consultancy. Two JCPR campaigns the launch of PlayStation 2 and the Gold Standard 'Hello Boys' work for Wonderbra - made it into PR Week's Top 20 Consumer Campaigns of All Time. In 2002, JCPR won Consumer Campaign of The Year for Mary-Kate & Ashley; JCPR was a finalist, again, in 2003 for its work on 02. JCPR delivers Hero Campaigns for Hero Brands - with major, branded, positioning coverage at the centre of all its work. Robert and Jackie are firm believers in the need for PR to Make A Difference and for the impact of PR to always be felt in the client's bottom line. PR must be made to work for sales. JCPR has broken new ground in PR techniques in the past two decades �including pioneering work with celebrity endorsements, Influencer Programmes, Word of Mouth marketing and Advertising Amplification.

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- 4,500,000

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* = client retained for more than three years
** = client retained for more than five years

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