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The Israel Citizens' Information Council was created in 2001. Its website was removed from the internet at some point between the end of June and October 2016.[1]

The Yisrael B’Aliyah party has launched a new grassroots network providing a platform for English-speaking Israeli citizens to actively participate in Israel’s information and promotion effort. The new “Israel Citizens’ Information Council” (ICIC) will coordinate the activities of the many Israelis looking to bolster Israel’s standing in terms of media-shaped and other public opinion. Current projects include arranging speaking engagements for Israeli travelers abroad, hosting visiting groups in the homes of Israeli English speakers, focused media advocacy, open forums, and more. For more information on this volunteer effort, contact \"\".[2]

According to a report in 2002:

ICIC is "an independent grass-roots organization with a strong relationship to Minister Natan Sharansky," according to a prepared statement. "[Mansdorf] is also a co-founder of Israel Media Image, a group that is involved in media advocacy and liaison with foreign journalists stationed in Israel," according to the statement.[3]