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The fund management company Invesco Perpetual was founded by Sir Martyn Arbib, one of the UK's wealthiest financiers and a major donor to the Conservative Party.

Arbib sold the company in 2001 for more than £1 billion, receiving £113 million in cash and shares worth an estimated £300 million.

Health investments

Held a 22 per cent stake in Circle Holdings, a private health company that was awarded the disastrous £1.2 billion contract to run the Hinchingbrooke hospital in Cambridgeshire.

Nuclear investments

In 2008 British Energy's biggest investor, Invesco Perpetual called for the nuclear power generator to merge with British Gas owner Centrica.[1] The proposal was confirmed in a Times article which also reported how the British 'Government wants the use the sale of British Energy ... as an opportunity to kickstart the construction of a new generation of nuclear power stations'.[2]


Former employees

  • Andrea Leadsom, who went on to become a Conservative MP in 2010, economic secretary in 2014, then energy minister in 2015

Lobbying firms

  • Cicero held the account for a number of years



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