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David Cromwell writes about the dependence of the mainstream press on think tanks like the Inter-American Dialogue

A recent Independent news article by reporter Jude Webber continued the same trend. Webber described Chavez as an "authoritarian... his pockets full of the bonanza of booming oil prices", someone who "has close ties" with undesirables such as "Cuba and now Bolivia". Bolivia's leader, President Evo Morales, is clearly of the same dangerous persuasion as the Venezuelan leader, having "recently nationalised gas fields in a move widely seen as inspired by his northern mentor". [1]
According to the report, Chavez is guilty of "interference in the Peruvian [general election] campaign" won by Alan Garcia after Chavez fatally destroyed the prospects of "his man", Ollanta Humala. Webber provided space for a quote from a commentator employed by the Inter-American Dialogue, a "Washington-based think-tank":
"This clearly indicates the limit of [Chavez's] ability to have his way, it's definitely a setback."
The Independent neglected to mention some salient facts about the Inter-American Dialogue. The organisation's website is more forthcoming:
"Members of the Inter-American Dialogue's Corporate Circle include business and financial leaders who are deeply involved in the region, and need - on a continuing basis - fresh, balanced information and analysis on hemispheric affairs."[2]
The "Corporate Circle" includes several well-known supporters of human rights, justice and self-determination in Latin America including Chevron, General Electric, General Motors, JP Morgan Chase, Kissinger McLarty and Lockheed Martin. No surprise that these business elites are happy to declare a "setback" for a leader who promotes the interests of his people, following centuries of western conquest and neoliberalism.[3]


Peter Hakim
Carla A. Hills United States Ricardo Lagos Chile
Vice Chairs:
Peter D. Bell United States Enrique Iglesias Uruguay
Board of Directors
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Brazil Barbara J. McDougall Canada
David de Ferranti United States Thomas F. McLarty III United States
William L. Friend United States Peter McPherson United States
L. Enrique Garcia Bolivia Sonia Picado Costa Rica
Donna J. Hrinak United States Jorge Quiroga Bolivia
Yolanda Kakabadse Ecuador Jesús Silva-Herzog Mexico
Jim Kolbe United States Eduardo Stein Guatemala
Thomas J. Mackell, Jr. United States Elena Viyella de Paliza Dominican Republic
Chair Emeritus
Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Peru Raúl Alfonsín Argentina

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