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The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a partnership between the European Community and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). According to its website: 'The objective of IMI is to support the faster discovery and development of better medicines for patients and to enhance Europe’s competitiveness by ensuring that its biopharmaceutical sector remains a dynamic high-technology sector.'[1]

Achieving the Objectives

  • The European Commission and EFPIA propose to create and operate a new Public Private Partnership, the IMI Joint Undertaking, which will fund Patient Centred Projects.
  • These Patient Centred Projects will consider delays in the process of getting new drugs on the market and address these issues in order to speed up the process.
  • Patient Centred Projects will be conducted with European patient organisations, universities, hospitals, regulatory authorities, and small and large companies.[2]
  • Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, patient groups, universities, regulatory authorities and hospitals will collaborate to form the IMI Strategic Research Agenda which will: predict the safety and efficacy of drugs; and bridge gaps in knowledge management, education and training.[3]


From the industry side:[4]

From the European Commission:


  • Pharmaceutical companies fund their own participation - 100%.
  • Pharmaceutical companies provide R&D resources such as staff, laboratory facilities, materials and clinical research.
  • Through the EFPIA, companies will fund half of the cost of the IMI Executive Office - about 4% of the total budget.
  • Public money will go exclusively to other participants (public sector, SMEs, patient groups, academics.[5]


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