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Hugh Morrison is the co-founder of Montfort Communications with Nick Miles. Morrison and Miles have also worked together at M:Communications and Financial Dynamics.


Between 1988 and 2002, Morrison was the international chairman of Financial Dynamics (now FTI Consulting).[1] After Morrison and Miles were put on six months' 'gardening leave' in January 2002, the pair filed claims under the Public Interest Disclosure Act or the 'whistleblowers charter' against FD parent company Cordiant Communications and threatened to sue for £5 million.[2] After an out of court settlement, both Morrison and Miles withdrew their claims and legal action.[3]

In September 2002 Morrison and Miles founded M:Communications together. In 2008, the business was acquired by US vehicle King Worldwide backed by The Riverside Company, a private equity firm.[1] In February 2013 the pair resigned from M:C and were put on a twelve month gardening leave period[4] and in August M:C announced they were in a winding-down period and would close within weeks.[5]

In 2014 Morrison and Miles founded Montfort Communications, a communications company focusing on corporate reputation. The Mayfair-based company are led by Morrison, Miles and former MHP Communications executive chairman Gay Collins.[1]




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