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Equatorial Guinea court case

9. The affairs of Logo and SDL have been managed in Guernsey by Hansard Management Services Limited and Hansard Trust Company Limited (together “Hansard”). On 30 April 2004 Hansard accepted service of the order and Mr Page’s first affidavit on behalf of SDL, but declined service on behalf of Logo Logistics Ltd. On the same day the order (but not the affidavit) was served on the Bank in Guernsey.[1]

Sunday Times article

There is no evidence linking Buckingham directly to Logo - and he has publicly declared that by 2004, he had no contact with Mann and no involvement in the Equatorial Guinea affair. His supporters say that security services cleared him of any involvement in the coup that never was.
But the mention of Logo alongside the Hansard companies is, for Buckingham, unfortunate.
Buckingham certainly has had links with Hansard - as does the newly-listed Heritage Oil.
Back in 1996, DiamondWorks was born: it was the new name for Canada-based Carson Gold.
The company merged with a Buckingham business, Branch Energy, which had operations in Angola and Sierra Leone.
An announcement in Vancouver said: “The principal shareholders of Carson will be the current controlling shareholders of Branch, being Hansard Management Services (21.2%) and Hansard Trust Company (20.5%), both controlled by Anthony LR Buckingham.” [2]