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The main purpose of the HBOS Executive Committee is to provide leadership to the entire HBOS Group; to review and comment on issues and papers requiring HBOS Board or Audit Committee approval; to consider decisions and initiate appropriate actions following HBOS Board and Audit Committee meetings; to review and challenge the performance of individual businesses compared to business plans led by the Chief Executive Designate and the Group Finance Director Treasury & Insight; to act as a forum for seeking comments and consensus on issues or policy decisions where a Group view is required; to consider and review strategy, including any specific strategic initiatives raised by a Division, and for the continuous programme of Strategic Reviews of individual business segments, the results of which will be reported to the HBOS Board; to consider proposed Group-wide communications in respect of issues affecting the whole or significant parts of the Group; and to review all reports supporting the HBOS Board’s process for reviewing the effectiveness of the Group’s system of internal control.

The six executive directors along with Harry Baines and Dan Watkins make up the Executive Committee [1].


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