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Gwendoline Motte used to work in the European Commission's Competition department. As of February 2007 she began work at Blueprint Partners as a Competition and Corporate Practice consultant. Blueprint Partners is a European PR firm.


According to the information on Blueprint Partners website, "Gwendoline Motte is a consultant in the Competition and Corporate practice of Blueprint Partners. She has in-depth knowledge of European law, in particular EU Competition law, as she previously worked at DG Competition and in a law firm specialised in that area."

Her sector and practise expertise include competition, corporate and EU environment and energy regulatory policies.

"Before joining FD Blueprint, Gwendoline worked for the European Commission in DG Competition in the mergers Unit covering cases in the fields of information, communication and media.

She subsequently worked as a lawyer in a law firm in Brussels in the areas of EU Competition law, Intellectual Property law, Data Protection, Business law, and European Regulatory Laws in environmental and pharmaceutical sectors.

With FD Blueprint she has been involved in many strategic public affairs programmes in the fields of energy, environment, music industry and lotteries for clients including Shell Chemicals, US bondholders committee, OMV, ArcelorMittal and European Lotteries. Gwendoline studied Law in Belgium and Spain and holds a Master’s degree in European Law from King’s College London."[1]

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