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Barbed Wire Britain A National campaign to end the arbitrary detention of Asylum Seekers.

Close Campsfield A long running campaign around the asylum detention centre Campsfield House out side Oxford that is run by Group 4. They have a lot of resources about asylum issues.

Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU)

  • PSIRU publishes the Prison Privatisation Report International (PPRI), 6 times per year. It covers:global developments in the privatisation of prisons, detention centres and other elements of the criminal justice system.
  • the performance of the leading companies
  • current academic and government research
  • campaigns against privatisation

The Refugee Council The Refugee Council is the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns

Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers

The Prison Reform Trust The prison reform trust carries out research on all aspects of prison. Recent studies include: the Woolf Report: ten years on, the Human Rights Act, mental health in prisons, volunteering and active citizenship in prisons, prisoner votes, women prisoners, prison privatisation, and suicide prevention.

The Guardian Many of the references in this briefing come from The Guardian which contains good coverage of the prison and asylum industry in the UK. All articles can be found at: