Grey Ruthven, 2nd Earl of Gowrie

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Alexander Patrick Greysteil Ruthven, 2nd Earl of Gowrie, (born in Dublin 26 November 1939), usually known as Grey Gowrie, is a Scottish hereditary peer. He is the elder brother of the writer Malise Ruthven


The Independent describes Gowrie's family background as follows: His father, a commando in the SAS, was killed in action during the Second World War. His mother worked in Intelligence with Freya Stark, so their two small sons - Gowrie and his younger brother, Malise - were left with their grandparents in Ireland.[1]

Northern Ireland

Gowrie was a Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office from 15 September 1981 to 10 June 1983.[2]

He has said of this period:

In my day in Ireland, mornings began with a report from Long Kesh, from the H Blocks (I was Prisons Minister), from all the bewildering nomenclature of the Maze. Then came news from a dark nowhere we called Liaison.[3]


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