Grand Metropolitan: Extract from 'Written in Flames'

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Extract from the pamphlet Written in Flames, published in 1987. Full reference: I-Spy Productions Written in Flames: Naming the British Ruling Class London: Hooligan Press ISBN 1869802071. Undated, but published in 1987.

If every town In Britain looks the same, then there are Just a few companies to blame. Hoteliers, Trust House Forte, the brewing groups Allied Lyons, Whitbread and Bass and the drinks and hotels business, Grand Metropolitan.

Built up by the tycoon Maxwell Joseph, Grand Metropolitan bought pubs, clubs and hotels throughout Britain, mass producing the same design and the same commodities. They own the brewers Watney, Truman, Mann -the original standardized beer. They sel1 Carlsberg, Fosters, Budweiser and Websters. They own the Berni Inn steak bars, Intercontinental Hotels, the new Pastificio restaurant chain and many London casinos.

They control the spirit brands Smirnoff, Clnzano, Baileys, J&B and own Peter Dominic- wine stores. They own Express Dairies and produce Eden Vale, Ski and Gold margarine. They have the Pepsi franchize for the USA. until last year they owned all or Mecca, bookies, bingo and night clubs. Now they just own part of It.

Stanley Grinstead took over control of Grand Met when Joseph died. at 63, he's chairman and earns £176,289. He's also a director of Reed International, the paints, paper and publishing group.

His chief executive Is Allen Sheppard

John Orr is finance director

Sir John Harvey-Jones, former ICI boss Is a non-executive director. So is Richard Giordano, the American chairman of BOC oxygen group. a member of the CEGB and formerly the UK's highest paid director at £722,600.