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William Sebastian Cohen, (date of birth 28th August 1940, Maine USA). Divorced in 1987 and re-married Janet Langhart on the 14th February 1996.


In 1962 after completing high school, Cohen attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin at Bowdoin College. He the attended the law school at Boston University and achieved further by attaining an LLB degree in 1965.

Career/ Positions Held

Most notable:

  • Secretary of Defense (1997-2001)
  • Senator (1979-1997)
  • Congressman (1973-79)[1]

He was congressman of Maine’s 2nd congressional district. He then went on to serve as Senator for 18 years. He became the 20th Secretary of Defense under Bill Clintons Presidency.[2] During this time he directed military operations against Iraq and Kosovo; most notably Operation Desert Fox.[3] and Operation Allied Force[4]


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