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The advertising associations home page states 'we are the only organisation that represents all sides of the advertising and promotion industry in the UK - advertisers, agencies and the media. We promote and protect advertising. We communicate its commercial and consumer benefits and we seek the optimal regulatory environment for our industry’ Our goal is that advertising should enjoy responsibility from its practitioners, moderation from its regulators, and trust from its consumers.' This quote clearly indicates why the association is linked to the Media Smart Initiative. The two companies use a number of the same staff as they both need experts within the field to carry out their goals. [1] It has a number of research reports relating to Childhood obesity, from both the main advertising association and Food standards agency:

  • Understanding and Predicting Childhood Obesity 2010
  • Children’s wellbeing in a commercial world, 2009

The conclusion of this reports state that:The impact of the commercial world has not affected negatively the emotional wellbeing of children over the past fifteen years and there is ‘strong evidence that the commercial world is making a positive contribution to children’s lives - their relationships, their safety, their enjoyment, and their education have been positively affected by companies, their products, and services.’The company use a number of businesses which are linked to Media Smart including Mattel and channel 5 , This is an example of one such case study:


Cadbury:Cadbury World [2] Tracing back to 1879 and the move to Bournville, George Cadbury introduced the first employee and community education programme. Today, Cadbury World provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of what businesses do and how they meet their aims and objectives. Examination boards have for many years used Cadbury Schweppes and Cadbury as case studies, and the confectionery manufacturer assists learners in Curriculum subjects and through work experience programmes. Educational talks complement school/college visits with teachers and learners and in 2008 27,500 students attended an educational talk which was an increase of 6.2% on 2007. Additional resources and information are available to teachers following their visit and in house market research showing that 100% of the teachers that visit would recommend an education talk to other teachers.


Cadbury and Cadbury World are highly regarded by the teaching profession for their continued professional commitment in supporting learners’ understanding of the ‘World of Work’, and Learning outside the classroom.


  • Thank you for the time and energy you into the presentation for our students. It was

informative, very relevant to the work the students are doing on Customer Service and really enjoyable! Janice Hamilton and Rashid Meah, The 6th Form College Solihull

  • Thank you once again for your very interesting talk. It was very informative as well as engaging and the students commented on how much they enjoyed it! We hope to organise another visit before long Teresa Woodbridge Oxford Brookes University’

This could be seen as a clear indicator of promoting the Cadbury range when advertisers are meant to be halting sweet ads to individuals under the age of 18.

Their other services include[3]:

  • Advertising Information Group
  • Business4Life
  • Debating Group
  • Direct Marketing Group
  • Digital Media Group
  • [Food Advertising Unit]
  • Media Business Course
  • Statistical services and publications


  • Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive
  • Penny Hughes, President
  • Andrew McGuinness, Chairman
  • Dave Lewis, Vice Chairman
  • Rupert Howell, Vice Chairman
  • Karen Fraser, Head of Strategy
  • Ged Glover, Commercial Director
  • Catherine Hitchcock, Director of Finance & Administration
  • Rae Burdon, Consultant
  • Jack Haines, Research Executive
  • Josh McBain, Research Executive
  • Arabella Banks, External Affairs Co-ordinator
  • Ina Mongia, Project Manager
  • Gemma Hopkins, Intern

Contact Information[5]

By phone or fax Tel: +44 (0) 20 7340 1100 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7222 1504

For out-of-hours press enquries contact Ian Barber on 07828 656 298 or

By email General enquiries: Press enquiries:

By post 7th Floor North Artillery House 11-19 Artillery Row London SW1P 1RT

Media Smart And the Advertising Association both share the same offices showing the close link between them both.

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