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Global Counsel is a strategic advisory firm based in London, formed by Lord Peter Mandelson and long-time ally Benjamin Wegg-Prosser in 2010. They provide counsel, research written analysis for clients on the topics of business, policy and politics.

It is part of the WPP Group.[1]


In 2010 it was announced Mandelson and Wegg-Prosser were setting up a new firm, in conjunction with WPP.

In 2012, Global Counsel had income and earnings of £574,000.[2]


Staff at Global Counsel have expertise in Europe, Russia, China, the Gulf, South East Asia, and a growing network in the fastest growing African countries.[3]


Global Counsel have strong links to the Labour Party, with Mandelson, Wegg-Prosser and Geoffrey Norris all significant figures in New Labour's Blair and Brown days.




Have worked with clients in the financial services, energy, consumer goods, technology and media and industrials sector.[3]



Address: 5 Welbeck Street London W1G 9YQ

Phone: +44 (0)203 667 6500





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