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Glenda Jackson CBE was the Labour Party member of Parliament for Hampstead and Highgate (now Hampstead and Kilburn) from 1992–2015.

Jackson announced she would not be standing in the 2015 general election, citing her age as the main reason.[1] She was replaced by Tulip Siddiq who held the seat by a majority of 1,138.[2]

The aviation industry: a family business

Freedom to Fly, an aviation lobbying group, is directed by Dan Hodges, the son of Glenda Jackson, who was Labour's first aviation minister. Dan Hodges's wife, Michelle De Leo, is director of Flying Matters, an industry-funded lobbying group accused of unfairly influencing plans to tax aviation emissions.[3]

Career history

According to her website, Glenda Jackson was elected MP for Hampstead and Highgate at the 1992 general election. She is a full-time MP.[4] In 1994 Glenda was appointed to the position of Labour Transport Team Campaigns Co-ordinator. In 1997 she was made Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport with specific responsibility for transport in London, airlines and airports, marine and shipping matters, and ports and railway issues. [4] Glenda resigned her position in July 1999 and declared her intention to run for selection as the Labour Party candidate for the Mayor of London.  She did not secure the Labour Party nomination in February 2000. [4] Glenda Jackson was Labour's first aviation minister.[3]


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