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Dr Giles Fraser is the former canon chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral.[1] He resigned from this position in October 2011 in protest at the Church's handling of the OccupyLondon protest encampment at St Paul's.[2]

Quilliam Adviser

Fraser was an early adviser to the Quilliam Foundation and stuck with it from 2008-2010, despite criticism and a significant number of advisers ceasing involvement. Fraser writes of his involvement:

Some have accused the new organisation of being a front for an anti-Islamic neo-conservative agenda. I have been attacked for being one of its official advisers — as if that makes me a “useful idiot” to some extreme right-wing agenda. Of course, a number of conservative voices have been among its most active supporters, and some of its members have been harshly critical of multiculturalism. But what this organisation stands for is too important to hitch itself to any one political philosophy. And the leaders of the Quilliam Foundation agree.[3]



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