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Gideon 'Gidi' Grinstein of the Reut Institute speaking at a 2011 conference in Israel

Gideon 'Gidi' Grinstein is the founder and current president of the Reut Institute, an Israeli think tank known for arguing that 'delegitimization' is a key political threat to the country and should be vigourously countered.[1]

According to his biography, between 1999 and 2001 he was Secretary and Coordinator of the Israeli negotiation team for the Permanent Status Negotiations with the PLO and then worked as Deputy Director General for the Economic Cooperation Foundation, before founding the Reut Institute in 2004.[2]

He has also previously worked as Head of Strategic Planning in the Budgets and Economics Department of the IDF Navy.

Grinstein has spoken several times at the Herzliya Conference and claims to be "a founding member of a group that worked to realize the vision of the Birthright Israel program".[3]

His CV states that since 2003 he has been on the board of the Israeli branch of OneVoice.[4]

Stance on Palestinian statehood bid

On May 31 2011 Grinstein wrote in Haaretz that Obama should support the bid for statehood at the United Nations. He stated:

"...Obama is missing the opportunity under his nose; a declaration of a Palestinian state in September includes the possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough as well as significant advantages for Israel. The establishment of such a state will help anchor the principle of two states for two peoples, shape the permanent situation with Israel controlling the security assets and the new state's surroundings, and diminish the refugee problem by marginalizing UNRWA and limiting refugee status.
"Despite Obama's speeches, the diplomatic process will remain at a dead end as the moment of decision in September approaches. Then the United States will have another opportunity to do the right thing: to ensure that the establishment of a Palestinian state conforms to Israel's needs".[5]

According to pro-Palestinian writer Ali Abunimah, Grinstein’s position was motivated by the hope of limiting the creation of a Palestinian state to a "Bantustan under overall Israeli control that will ‘solve’ Israel’s legitimacy and diplomatic problems while marginalizing Palestinian rights, especially refugee rights".[6]



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