Geoffrey Cox

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Geoffrey Cox

Geoffrey Cox has been the Conservative Party MP for Torridge and West Devon since 2005.[1] In the 2015 election he retained his seat with a majority of 18,403. [2]

External interests

Between March 2013 and February 2014 Cox was the top earning MP for outside earnings. A practicing barrister, he often charges in excess of £600 an hour for legal services and earned £397,039 in the year.[3]

  • Practice at the Bar of England and Wales
  • Messrs. Janes, solicitors. Address: 17 Waterloo Place, London SW17 4AR:
  • Messrs. Travers, Thorp, Alberga, Attorneys. Address: Harbour Place, 2nd Floor, 103 South Church Street, Grand Cayman.[4]

In October 2015, Cox was forced to resign from the Parliamentary standards committee after failing to declare hundreds of hours of legal work outside of parliament on time. The MP claimed that practising law outside of his governmental duties gave him 'practical experience of a world outside politics'. [5]




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