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Gaz Hunter is the pseudonym of a former SAS member.[1]

Hunter claimed to have been involved in the CIA/MI6 operation to provide Stinger missiles to Afghan Mujahideen leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.[2]

He flew to Islamabad and traveled to Chitral, about 20 kilometers from the Pakistan/Afghan border. The missiles and cash were smuggled by mule convoy into the Panjshir Valley, which was controlled by Massoud's guerillas. Mujahideen trained by Hunter later shot down a fully-loaded Soviet Antonov AN -26 transport aircraft that was just taking off from Kabul military airport. He claimed it was the "first Stinger kill of the Afghan war." The former SAS officer said he left 22 SAS for a period to continue helping Massoud. This enabled Britain's foreign office and defense ministry to deny official British involvement in the Afghan resistance.


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