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Frank Cushnahan is a Northern Ireland businessman.[1]

Cushnahan was educated at the Belfast grammar school St Malachy's College.[1]

He is a former managing director of Chase Bank Ireland, deputy chief executive of TSB and managing director of Western Savings Limited.[1]

Belfast Harbour Commissioners

Cushnahan was chairman of the Belfast Harbour Commissioners from 1998 to 2006.[2]

During this period, in 2000, when the agency signed a development deal with the Harland & Wolff Group for what would become the Titanic Quarter.[1]

Journalist Suzanne Breen noted that Cushnahan was one of a number of Catholics present at a DUP dinner in 2006.[3]

Housing Executive and Red Sky

Cushnahan was a non-executive member the audit committee of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive before resigning in March 2007. In April 2007 became chairman of the Red Sky Group, a company which had maintenance contracts with the Housing Executive. The Northern Ireland Audit Office later said his involvement in negotiations to resolve overcharging on these contracts was 'totally unethical and could and should have been avoided'.[1]

Maze Development Board=

After a failed attempt to appoint a chairman of the Maze Development Board in 2011, Cushnahan replaced Terence Brannigan on the interview panel, which subsequently chose Brannigan himself in 2012.[4]


He was a member of the Northern Ireland Advisory Committee of the National Asset Management Agency until November 2013.[1]


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