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Francis Brooke is the Washington lobbyist for Ahmad Chalabi's INC; he also worked for the Rendon Group. Brooke, an evangelical Christian, resided at least until 2004 in the Georgetown town-house which served as INC's Washington headquarter.

Brooke graduated from Duke University in 1983 and went on to briefly join the unsuccessful Georgia senatorial campaign of Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter’s former chief of staff. After a stint representing the beer industry, in 1991 he joined the London operation of the Rendon Group, a US PR firm which describes its specialty as “perception management.” At the time the company was running a CIA-funded project focused on Iraq where the thirty years old Brooke started earning twenty-two thousand dollars a month.


  • “I do have a religious motivation for doing what I do...I see Iraq as our neighbor. And the Bible says, When your neighbor is in a ditch, God means for you to help him.”
  • “We tried to burn through forty million dollars a year...It was a very nice job.” (On the cost-plus contract the Rendon Group received from the CIA for regime change in Iraq)


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