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The Food Commission is an independent food watchdog. It campaigns for safer, healthier food in the UK. It is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

The Commission is relatively small but is one of the most influential food watchdogs in the UK today, campaigning for healthier, safer food, clearer labelling and an end to misleading advertising. It believes in reducing the environmental damage caused by intensive food production and in improving the welfare of farm livestock.


The Commission does not accept any funding from the food industry, and protect the editorial independence of its magazine the "Food Magazine" by keeping it advertising free.

Core funding for campaigns and investigative work comes from subscriptions to the Food Magazine. It is also financed by book and poster sales and by sales of survey and policy reports. It also undertakes qualitative and quantitative surveys and research on food and food policy themes. Any profits from sales help to support campaign activities and further research.

The Commission also occasionally undertakes research on behalf of other non-profit organisations, and local, national or international public-sector bodies (e.g. trading standards departments, educational authorities, national government departments, the European Commission, the World Health Organisation). It also receives donations in kind from individuals and like-minded campaign organisations, health professionals, community health workers, academics, researchers, designers, individuals and volunteers.


The Food Commission is a founder member of The International Association of Consumer Food Organizations(IACFO)

Contact Details

  • Address: Food Commission, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF
  • Tel: 020 7837 2250
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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