Flak Campaign July 2006

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In July 2006, following the Israeli attack against Lebanon, the Israeli propaganda ministry urged its supporters to download a software tool, the GIYUS Megaphone, to enable a flak-campaign coordination[1].

Dear friends,

Many of us recognize the importance of the Internet as the new battleground for Israel's image. It's time to do it better, and coordinate our on-line efforts on behalf of Israel. An Israeli software company have developed a free, safe and useful tool for us - the Internet Megaphone.
Please go to www.giyus.org, download the Megaphone, and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc.
We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel's supporters.
Do it now. For Israel.
Amir Gissin
Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem


  1. Chris Williams, Pro-Israel lobby targets BBC online poll, The Register, 6 Sep 2006.