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Forces is a pro-tobacco lobby group who describe themselves as:

FORCES International is an organisation in support of human rights and - in particular, but not limited to – in defence of those who expect from life the freedom to smoke, eat, drink and, in general, to enjoy personal lifestyle choices without restrictions and state interference. FORCES is an acronym of Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking. That name reflects the organisation’s original intent when it was founded in 1995 in San Francisco, USA. When it became clear that smoking repression, and the use of junk science to justify it, was going well beyond the petty prohibition to smoke in public, and implied instead a fundamental subversion of professional ethics and social values on an unprecedented scale, the scope of FORCES greatly expanded, and so did its size, through many chapters and affiliates in the United States and around the world[1].


John Luik | Pierre Lemieux | Martha Perske | Wanda Hamilton | Rosalind Marimont


Germany: Netzwerk Rauchen
Netherlands: Forces Nederland
Italy: Forces Italiana


Gallery of Famous Smokers - Netherlands
Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment - New York


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