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The European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC) was founded in May 2002 and, according to its website, "since its creation it has been engaged in observing and analysing international terrorism, as well as strategic issues and areas of conflict and instability that have been studied for more than twenty years, in various capacities, by some of our promoters coming from the backgrounds of Intelligence, the Army and the Media."[1]

Apart from its central structure based in Brussels, ESISC now has offices in Paris, the United States, North Africa and Asia. Its team comprises more than 30 individuals – and they focus on issues concerning terrorism, the Near and Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia and the ex-Soviet Union, the Balkans, low intensity conflicts, ethnic and religious conflicts, Islamism and other forms of extremism, military matters and organized crime.[2]

ESISC 'supports the strengthening of the trans-Atlantic ties and the democracies in their struggle against terrorism and other threats.'[3]

Its President, Claude Moniquet, and its vice-CEO, Genovefa Etienne, as well as other specialists have been specially called to testify as experts before the United Nations, the U.S. Congress, the European Parliament, the North Atlantic Assembly and the Parliaments and Senates of France and Belgium. They have taught or participated in high-level seminars and conferences within many military schools around the world, in particular the United States Military Academy (USMA, West-Point), Le Collège Interarmées de Défense (CID, Ecole de Guerre, Paris) and L’Ecole Royale Militaire (Brussels).[4]

According to the newsletter IntelligenceOnline, ESISC is "far more political in stance than most of its European rivals. It is distinctly pro-Atlantic Alliance and anti-Islamic"[5].

Journalist David Cronin has called the center 'the most hawkish think-tank in Brussels.'[6]


"In parallel with its public role as a ‘think tank,’ ESISC fulfills specific and confidential assignments for companies and governmental agencies.

Its expertise in analyzing and evaluating terrorist threats and the threat of organized crime, strategic analysis, analysis of country risks and evaluating the stability of states in crisis or in a situation of conflict has been internationally recognized since 2002.

In all these matters, its experts, who come from the worlds of education, the Army, academic or other specialized circles, teach in universities and in military schools and academies around the world and participate in official research programs.

ESISC is also active in the domain of lobbying and intelligence.

Having set up its offices abroad and maintaining its own network of correspondents and ties with friendly organizations as well as its knowledge of the respective languages, cultures and local customs allow it to work throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East, in the Balkans, in the ex-Soviet bloc and in Asia."[7]

The ESISC is split into six departments, each with separate responsibilities:

  • Département 1 : Renseignement et sécurité économiques, protection du patrimoine, Business intelligence - (Information and economic security, heritage protection, business intelligence)
  • Département 2 : Evaluation de la menace terroriste (World Observatory of Terrorism) - (Evaluation of the terrorist threat)
  • Département 3 : Renseignement stratégique - (Strategic Information)
  • Département 4 : Influence stratégique - (Strategic Influence)
  • Département 5 : Crime organisé et fraude - (Organised crime and fraud)
  • Département 6 : Situation des victimes d’actes de terrorisme - (Helping the victims of acts of terrorism)[8]



Directors & Managers

Research Associates, Analysts and Consultants

Olivier Bergevin | Emmanuel Chanial | Abdelkarim Chankou | Professeur Jean-Charles Chebat | Alain Chouet | Roberto De Primis | Dimitri Dombret | Emmanuel Dubois | Lieutenant-colonel (ER) Patrick Esteve | Lieutenant-colonel (ER) Renaud Francois | Iqbal Gharbi | Jonathan Holslag | Raphaël Ramos | Michael Soussan | François Vergnaud [9]


List of publications by European Strategic and Intelligence Center members (Predominantly in French) Publications, Accessed 15-July-2009




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