European Mutual Help Network for individuals and families with Alcohol Related Problems

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Alcohol badge.jpg This article is part of the Spinwatch public health oriented Alcohol Portal project.

ENMA is a small support and help network, members run meetings and offer support to those suffering from dependency on alcohol in 14 countries. In a copy of their 2006 newsletter the following criticisms of the EU Commission were made:

EU Commission rules self-defeating

At the start of 2005 EMNA hoped to be able to submit a proposal for a European Project following a call for proposals related to initiatives to reduce social exclusion. In all respects, EMNA's members are well-positioned to make such a proposal except in one single respect: mutual-help has, almost by definition, very limited financial underpinning. Indeed, some of our groups have no money at all! The greatest part of our work is voluntary and our un-paid workforce is massive. EMNA’s members have hundreds of thousands of voluntary workers. The EU wanted grass-roots involvement but EMNA could not proceed with its proposal because the Commission insisted on a financial commitment of at least 40,000 euros in cash. The value of the work and experience we were prepared to invest in the project – our main resource – was ineligible as an “in kind” payment. Thus, by its own rules, the EU excluded the very sort of new players in Europe which its governments wish to involve.[1]

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