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The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) is a decentralised body of the European Union with headquarters in London. Its main responsibility is the protection and promotion of public and animal health, through the evaluation and supervision of medicines for human and veterinary use.

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Management Board (MB)

According to the EMEA's website, the MB is an integral governance body of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA). The Board has a supervisory role with general responsibility for budgetary and planning matters, the appointment of the Executive Director and the monitoring of the Agency’s performance.

Individual members of the Management Board are appointed on the basis of their relevant expertise in management and, if appropriate, experience in the field of medicinal products for human or veterinary use, in such a way as to guarantee the highest levels of specialist qualifications, a broad spectrum of relevant expertise, and the broadest possible geographical spread within the European Union.

The Management Board has 35 members:

  • 1 representative of each of the 27 Member States
  • 2 representatives of the European Commission
  • 2 representatives of the European Parliament
  • 2 representatives of patients’ organisations
  • 1 representative of doctors’ organisations
  • 1 representative of veterinarians’ organisations

In 2009, the MB consists of:

  • Chair

Pat O'Mahony

  • European Parliament

Giuseppe Nisticò Björn Lemmer

  • European Commission

Heinz Zourek Isabel de la Mata

  • Austria

Marcus Muellner

  • Belgium

Xavier De Cuyper

  • Bulgaria

Emil Ivanov Hristov

  • Cyprus

Panayiota Kokkinou





7 Westferry Circus; Canary Wharf; London; E14 4HB; United Kingdom


+44 2074188400