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Emma Gilpin (now known as Emma Jacobs) is a former Communications and Public Affairs Director with TIME Inc: the world's largest magazine publisher, which is a division of Time Warner, the world's biggest media company. She was also Director of Public Affairs for Fortune Europe. She is an adviser to Editorial Intelligence. Gilpin quit TIME to join MTV in 2005. In 2006 she joined Lloyds TSB 'to develop its comms across its retailing banking arm'.[1]

According to Julia Hobsbawm, it was Gilpin who described Hobsbawm as:

'The networker’s networker with the best little black book in London.'[2]

Spinning Fortune

Emma Gilpin’s job was to promote TIME and FORTUNE, such as in this press release from 2004:

“FORTUNE magazine won three awards last night at the Business Journalist of the Year awards, held at the London Guildhall. FORTUNE won the British American Tobacco Award for the Best Fast Moving Consumer Goods Submission for Nicholas Stein's story: Crisis in a Coffee Cup.”[3]

The association with British American Tobacco is perhaps balanced by social responsibility work:

AccountAbility and csr network have signed an exclusive deal, which will see their Accountability Rating 2005 published in September in the world’s leading global business magazine, FORTUNE. The Accountability Rating, now in its second year, measures how well “or how badly“ the world’s top companies account for their impacts on society and the environment. The ranking is defined by using the Global 100 (G-100) companies, as compiled by FORTUNE.” [4]

And what’s more:

Scores are built up by detailed analysis of companies’ performance under six domains: stakeholder engagement, governance, strategic intent, performance management, assurance and public disclosure. BP headed the table in 2004, followed closely by Suez and then Royal Dutch/Shell Group. [5]

Accountability is itself sponsored by British American Tobacco[6] and this circuit does indicate the way in which elite business journals and their press spokespersons are very much part of the corporate elite.


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