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Edventures Partners is a US education curriculum company focused on 'building industry-education partnerships'.


According to its website:

EdVenture Partners programs blend academic theory with practical, hands-on application, creating a "real-world" marketing and learning experience for students and educators using our open source innovation platform. Students grapple with real business challenges, and provide creative and innovative solutions to client's marketing, brand building, research, sales, public policy, community affairs and recruiting objectives and needs.
Students receive an unparalleled educational opportunity to build their résumé and gain firsthand experience in how to fulfill the objectives of a real client. Clients achieve what every marketer or recruiter dreams of... measurable results. [emphasis added] [1]


FrackWell.png This article is part of the Spinwatch Fracking Portal and project

In November 2013 tax filings from pro-fracking lobby group 'America's Natural Gas Alliance' (ANGA) revealed that Edventures had 'partnered with ANGA to produce classroom materials that promote the use of natural gas' and received US $864,673 for this purpose.

ANGA's blog in June 2013 reveals that it sponsors the 'EdVentures Collegiate Energy Challenge'.

The Collegiate Energy Challenge, a collaboration of ANGA andEdVentures Partners, is a nationwide contest allowing college students to create an integrated marketing campaign that helps educate and engage younger generations about the natural gas industry and its benefits.
The team from MTSU executed a campaign centered around the theme of, “Natural Solutions,” and focused on job creation and the environmental benefits of natural gas to their campus community. Participating students hosted a campus event featuring a natural gas vehicle, natural gas trivia and a concert called the “Naturally Bright Music Festival,” targeting students who frequent the Nashville music scene. For their efforts, MTSU students earned a $5,000 donation from ANGA to their school. [2]






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