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The EastWest Institute was formerly known as the Institute for East West Studies.


According to an article on the Peace Direct website:

The US-based East West Institute, founded in 1981 as a think tank on traditional security issues had, since the collapse of Communism, focused on research, networking and low-key conferences to help support the development of democracy and free enterprise in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.[1]


In December 2005 the Institute awarded Tony Blair the accolade of Statesman of the Decade. Blair said 'It is a very great honour and privilege to receive this award, and I can truthfully say it is a long time since so many people have said so many nice things about me all at once, or indeed at all, to be absolutely frank. And can I thank the East-West Institute and congratulate it on its 25 years, and thank it also for the work that it does in so many different places in the world.'[2]


The Institute prefers not to disclose its funding sources, saying, "Our mission is supported by funding from private and public sources worldwide."[3] However, in 2002 the Institute received $10,000 from Exxon Mobil.[4]


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