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Dominic Herrington was appointed Regional Schools Commissioner for South-East England and South London in July 2014.[1]


The official role of Regional Schools Commissioners is to 'take decisions on the creation of new academies'; 'monitor their performance and improve underperforming academies'; and 'ensure there is a supply of sponsors' to take over underperforming schools.

Critics see them as “behind-the-scenes arms-twisters” to pursue the Department of Education's plans to force all English state schools into academy status by 2022.[2] One of their roles is to decide whether non-academies defined as “coasting” have to convert to academy status.[3]

To some critics, regional school commissioners are gradually transforming into shadow local authorities and Ofsteds, but with less democratic accountability or openness.[4]


Previously, Herrington was from September 2011 Director of the Academies Group at the Department for Education, overseeing the academies programme across the country. He spent over a decade before that as a civil servant in the Department.

Herrington spent 10 months on sabbatical at management consultants, Capgemini Consulting in 2010.[5]


  • Based in Croydon
  • Twitter: @RSC_SESL