Department of War Studies, King's College London

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Department of War Studies, King's College London is part of a wider grouping at King's which is also linked in to the UK Defence Academy.



  • Professor Mats Berdal BSc (London) DPhil (Oxford) Professor of Security & Development. Strategic Studies, Conflict and Development, the UN and International Security, Comparative Civil Wars and Cold War History
  • Professor Wyn Bowen BA (Hull) MA PhD (Birmingham) Professor of Non-Proliferation & International Security Nuclear and WMD Proliferation, Non-Proliferation and Counter-Proliferation; Asymmetric Conflict, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism; US Security Policy
  • Professor Christopher Dandeker BSc PhD (Leicester) Professor of Military Sociology and Head of the School of Social Science and Public Policy. Sociology of the Military Profession; Personnel Issues Affecting the British Armed Forces
  • Professor Saki Ruth Dockrill BA (Kyoto) MA (Sussex) PhD (London) Professor of Contemporary History & International Security. History of International Relations since 1918, East Asian security issues, The Pacific War and War Legacies in Contemporary Asia, US foreign and national security policy since 1945, Cold War History, 'War on terror' and US, UK, and European responses to 9/11
  • Professor Theo Farrell BA MA (UCD) PhD (Bristol) Professor of War in the Modern World. Military Transformation; Contemporary military operations; Organizational and strategic culture; International law
  • Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman BA(Man) BPhil (York) DPhil (Oxford) Professor of War Studies and Vice-Principal (Research) Contemporary Defence and Foreign Policy Issues
  • Professor Mervyn Frost BA (Stellenbosch) MA (Stellenbosch) BPhil (Oxford) DPhil (Stellenbosch) Professor of International Relations and Head of the Department of War Studies Ethics in International Relations
  • Professor James Gow BA (Lancaster) PhD (London) Professor of International Peace & Security International Peace and Security; UK and Euro-Atlantic Security Policy; War Crimes; The Yugoslav War 1991-2003; Civil-Military Relations; Revolution, War and the Arts
  • Professor Vivienne Jabri BSc (London) MA (Kent) PhD (City) Professor of International Politics Critical and Poststructural Theories of Politics and International Relations
  • Professor Andrew Lambert BA (CLP) MA PhD (London) Laughton Professor of Naval History 19th Century history and strategy, Naval Warfare
  • Professor Anatol Lieven BA PhD (Cambridge) Professor of International Relations and Terrorism Studies Insurgency and counter-insurgency; Terrorism; Islamist movements; Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran; Russia and the former Soviet Union; US political culture and strategy
  • Professor Michael Rainsborough BSc Econ (Wales) MA PhD (London) FRSA Professor of Strategic Theory. Strategic Theory, History of Strategic Thought
  • Professor Brian Holden Reid BA (Hull) MA (Sussex) PhD (London) Professor of American History & Military Institutions British and American Military Thought in the 20th Century, the American Civil War
  • Professor Philip A G Sabin MA (Cambridge) PhD (London) Professor of Strategic Studies Ancient Warfare, Air Power, World War Two, Conflict Simulation
  • Professor Yezid Sayigh BSc (Beirut) PhD (London) Professor of Middle East Studies International and comparative politics of the Middle East, Politics and sociology of development, Nationalism, and Political sociology of war and the military
  • Professor Ken Young BSc(Econ) MSc PhD (London) Professor of Public Policy The politics of decision-making; especially with regard to defence, Air power and technology; Post-1945 UK politics and policy; and Local government and urban affairs