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Democracy and Security (ISSN 1741-9166) is a peer reviewed, scholarly journal published by Routledge Publishers. The journal is published quarterly and was founded in 2005. [1]

The journal publishes conceptual, theoretical, and empirical articles on concepts and functions that are believed to shape the relations between various international and national security policies, concerns, and needs on the one hand, and central values, institutions, and processes of democratic societies on the other. [2]

The journal is described as being 'committed to providing exposure to diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives, as well as policy approaches.' [2]


The Journal addresses a wide range of topics, including:

  • Democratic societies and their struggle with domestic threats.
  • Moral dimensions of national security in democracies.
  • Legal dimensions of national security in democracies.
  • Mass communications and national security.
  • Social implications on national security issues.
  • Constraints of democratic governments in shaping national security policy.
  • Forms of government and perceptions of national dilemmas.
  • Democracies, minorities, and national security.
  • The role of civil society in shaping national security decisions in democratic regimes.
  • Public opinion, counter-terrorism, and national security dilemmas.
  • The politics of defense policies.
  • The psychology of decision-making processes in the context of national security issues.
  • Civilian sphere of domestic and human security.
  • The role of the legislative branch in shaping security policies.
  • Electoral processes, party politics, and national security.


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