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Microphones-2-.jpg This article is part of the Propaganda Portal project of Spinwatch.

Our definition of spin is a relatively neutral one. The Collins' Dictionary defines spin as "the practice of presenting news or information in a way that creates a favourable impression".[1] “Spin doctor” is defined as "a person who provides a favourable slant to an item of news, potentially unpopular policy, etc., esp. on behalf of a political personality or party".[2]  Our definition is broader than that in that it encompasses those working for a wide range of governmental, party political, corporate and NGO organisations. Inclusion in Powerbase should not, however, be taken to imply that any person is either engaged in spin or in activities that are necessarily disreputable. This site is a public interest resource which aims to catalogue and report on communications activities which can influence the news media, public opinion or public policy. Such influence is not necessarily negative and we aim to help the increase transparency and openness about the communication activities that we report on. 


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