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David Wyatt was a civil servant at the Northern Ireland Office in the 1970s and 1980s.

An October 1974 list of the envisaged members of the Northern Ireland Information Policy Co-ordinating Committee described Wyatt as a member of the 'Liaison Staff'.[1]

David Joseph Wyatt, described as a former assistant secretary in the Northern Ireland Office, was awarded the CBE in 1976.[2]

A 1984 Lobster article on the Kincora scandal carried the following mention of Wyatt:

The Counter Intelligence branch of the Secret Service, MI5, is now believed to be running the show in Northern Ireland after the removal of MI6's top man in Ulster, David Wyatt. Mr Wyatt, a casualty of the internal row in the intelligence services, was replaced by an MI5 officer. Described by one source as being a 'link with the foreign office', he was trusted by the Foreign Office mandarins even more than security overlord Sir Maurice Oldfield, appointed by Mrs Thatcher in 1979.[3]

The article further stated:

When Wyatt departed his two MI6 assistants went with him, leaving MI5 in sole charge of 'mainland' intelligence operations in Northern Ireland.[3]

The British Minister in Berlin, David J. Wyatt, retired from his post and the diplomatic service in October 1985.[4]


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