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Group Captain David Bolton is a former director of the Royal United Services Institute.

Bolton is a former head of Central planning at the Ministry of Defence. According to journalist Tom Easton, he joined the British Atlantic Committee in 1981.[1]

Bolton was one of the first recruits to the advisory board of the British-American Project in the early 1980s, according to Martin Vander Weyer's history of the project:

Group Captain David Bolton, director of the Royal United Services Institute, Britain's senior defence forum, was also brought in, with a different professional perspective on traditional links across the Atlantic: even in the military sphere, he felt, "connections had faded". With the reduction in the size of forces and the opportunities to serve together, the number of personal contacts was greatly diminished. "The Americans, to some extent, felt they had much less need of us, and we had far fewer means of influencing them. It was a sin of omission that needed to be repaired." But Bolton never wanted the Project to have a military flavour; he was convinced that it should be inter-disciplinary, with as wide a spectrum of political opinion as possible.[2]

He stepped down as Director of RUSI in July 1994.[3]


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