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Dr Dave Sloggett is a British expert in information operations, intelligence and counterinsurgency who has held a number of roles in academia, the Ministry of Defence and the private sector. He is Director of Defence Strategy in the Space and Defence division of LogicaCMG. Sloggett has published and spoken widely in his field of expertise - particularly on "the role of influence in Counter Insurgency [COIN] operations", with recent focus on Iraq and Afghanistan.[1] He is also an expert in maritime security, author of The Anarchic Sea [2] and an employee of Dryad Maritime Intelligence.

A biography of Sloggett by the International Technology Alliance suggests that he is very active on the speaking circuit, stating that he is

regularly asked to speak on matters related to intelligence collection and analysis in the context of contemporary military operations and has addressed the RUSI C4ISTAR Conference giving two speeches in the last two years [2005-2007] on these matters. In September 2006 he was invited to give a keynote address to a conference of leading international bankers in Lisbon on the future direction of terrorism in Europe in the 21st century. He also gave a speech on his work at the RUSI Suicide Terrorism workshop in December 2006 and has been asked to follow-up on this on several occasions recently including a presentation at the Royal College of Defence Studies [RCDS] and gave the keynote address at the MoD Police National Conference in March 2007 on the causes of Islamic extremism. In April 2007 he addressed the Royal Aeronautical Society Annual Conference on the Role of Space in War and also presented on the role of open source material in intelligence analysis in South Korea. This work has recently been accepted for publication by RUSI.
He has been asked to give a keynote address at Fleet Headquarters in September 2007 at a dinner where he has been asked to cover the history of naval intelligence. He has also been asked to address the Police National CBRN Conference in October 2007 giving perspectives on suicide terrorism and its history. In October he will be giving one of the keynote addresses at the i2 Defence Conference in London and he will run a series of COIN Workshops in the course of the Conference. In December [2007] he will address the British International Studies Symposium at the University of Cambridge."[3]

The biography also notes Sloggett's work within the military, noting that between 2005 and 2007 he "led the development of the Operational Intelligence Support Group [OISG], an all source intelligence fusion cell - which is now deployed into theatre - and led the research effort analysing the weaknesses in the current Information and Intelligence [I2] environment for the UK MoD. His specialised areas of research include socio-cultural, ethnic and anthropological analysis of societies whose population are the backdrop to current military operations. He travels widely in operational theatres to gain insights from current operations on the ground and has recently been in Iraq in Basra and Baghdad".[4] The Operationaion Intelligence Support Group was depoloyed in Afghanistan to aid NATO forces in 2006[5] and provides intelligence "reach back" capacity to military operations.[6]This shows the active role which Sloggett plays in the current counterinsurgency work of the UK Military, placing him firmly within the group of military intillectuals leading development in counterinsurgency, influence operations and Strategic communication.

Screengrab of the bio note of Dave Sloggett from the website of Dryad Maritime Intelligence circa 2008, accessed 4 March 2010

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