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The Cross Party Group on Food in the Scottish Parliament has, according to its website, the following purpose

"To raise awareness of food issues from production through to consumption in Scotland and their importance to the consumer, the economy, the environment and to the health of Scotland. To act as a policy forum for discussion and updating on food issues in Scotland To contribute to policy development on a range of food issues in Scotland." [1]

Community Food and Health Scotland

During the spring of 2008 the Scottish Government ran a "discussion" inviting people to help shape Scotland's first national food policy. The Cross part group response was compiled in conjunction with the Community Food and Health Scotland (CFHS) group on the topic of food access to disadvantaged communities. [2]

The cross party group has also produced a previous scoping study on food access in conjunction the CFHS group. [3]



  • John Scott (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party)

is a partner in Messrs W. Scott and Son, Girvan, a farming concern. owns agricultural land in South Ayrshire with a market value of over £350,000. owns ordinary shares in BAE Systems with a market value of £42,800. is Chairman of the Ayrshire Farmers’ Market. is a Council Member of the Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society. is a regional branch member of the Moredun Institute. is a member of the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

  • Jim Hume (Scottish Liberal Democratic Party)

is a partner in the farming firm of John Hume and Son of Sundhope Farm, Yarrow, Selkirk. is a member of the National Framers Union of Scotland. Between February 2004 and 2006 was Director of the National Farmers Union of Scotland. Between February 2007 and 4 May 2007 was Director of the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

is a member of NFUS Mutual

The group also has non MSPs members

Non-MSP Individuals


Laurent Vernet (QMS) | Fiona Bird (Stirrin Stuff) | Wendy Barrie (Scottish Food Guide) | Flora McLean (SFDF) | Mary Lawton (SCC) | Pam Rodway (Food for Life) | Steven Birrell (SFDF) | Anne Colquhoun (Uni Abertay) | Julia Clarke (Which) | Allan Hogarth (AH Strategies Ltd) | Arthur Rayner (SAMB) | Osbert Lancaster (CHE) | Susan Pryde (FSA) | James Graham (SAOS) | Rupert Pigot (SAOS) | Douglas Scott (SFMTA) | David Lamb (SAC) | Jamie Pitcairn (Envirowise) | Bill Crosson (IFST) | Julie Hesketh-Laird (SWA) | Bob Stubbs (HIE) | Kelvin Thomson (Improve) | Kate Barlow (NHS Health Scotland) | Helen Pank (FCFCG) | Diane Alderdice (FVFL) | Fiona Moriarty (SRC) | Fiona Bisset (SEHD) | Martin Hunt (Tartan Silk) | Robin Gourlay (East Ayrshire Council) | Jim Mullen (Larder Bytes) | John Whitehead (FFB) | Nicki Holmyard (Seafood Scotland) | Graeme Findlay (SQA) | Cathy Higginson (NHS Health Scotland) | Laurence Gruer (NHS Health Scotland) | John Palfreyman (Uni Abertay) | Anna Whyte (FSA) | Ian Shankland (North Lanarkshire Food Coop) | Shivani Reddy (SDC) | David Melvin (Glasgow City Council) | Nicola Chalmers Smith (Scot Countryside Alliance) | Ed Trust | Libby Woodhatch (Seafood Scotland) | Sylvia Halkerston (Macphie of Glenbervie) | Martyn Evans (SCC) | Bill Gray (CFHS) | Heather Jones (Scot Exec) | Elaine McGregor (Scot Exec) | Hugh Raven (Soil Assn) | Heather Jones (Scot Exec) | David Whitehouse (SFQC) | Peter Brown (SFQC) | Dave Cook (Scot Exec) | Iain Moore (Scot Exec) | Jon Harman (Seafish) | Kirsty MacColl (Forward Scotland) | Jenny Hogan (Forward Scotland) | Claire Brown (HLA) | Graham Walker (REHIS) | Sarah Anderson (NFUS) | Graeme Millar (FSA) | Douglas Watson (SAOS) | Ulrike Buchan (Mcgrigors) | Donald Reid (Slow Food) | Maggie McGinlay (Scottish Enterprise) |Janet Mcvea (Scot Exec) | Kay Barton (Scot Exec) | Gillian Barclay (Scot Exec)


John Scott MSP Room M2.08 The Scottish Parliament Edinburgh EH99 1SP Tel: 0131 348 5664


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