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What they do/who they are, type of business, size, location,


Origins, details of significant mergers/acquisitions Details of significant brands, and market share


Chief executive, board members, key people linked to the company or brand

Political Connections

Political Connections, Membership of policy groups and relationships with policy makers, Politicians, Political Donations or endorsements, Revolving door between corporation and government


Membership of Trade Associations, Industry Groups, Front Groups, Professional bodies, charitable foundations

Lobbying & PR

Firms used, Issues lobbied on, support from other corporations/ industries

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Initiatives, philanthropy, charitable donations or trusts


Any controversial activities, particularly in relation to


Other businesses owned

Media Influence Organisations

Support form media organisations, or groups, any relevant publications originating from the corporation, providing support or criticising itds work

Other Resources

Other interesting profiles or articles on the individual


Contact details should only be listed if details are already publicly available


All sources used should be referenced according to the house style which can be found here Powerbase:A Guide to Referencing