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Lord Grantchester, Christopher Suenson-Taylor, (born 8/4/1951) is a British peer, Labour politician and multimillionaire dairy farmer in Cheshire. He was educated at Winchester and LSE.[1]

He is the third Baron of Grantchester and is a member of the Moores family, owners of the Littlewoods catalogues and shopping empire, whose wealth was estimated at £1200 million by the Sunday Times Rich List in 2007. He owns an 11% share of Littlewoods, worth an estimated £176 million. The Littlewoods pools business was sold in June 2000 for £161 million. His mother is Lady Grantchester (née Betty Moores) and his father, the Second Baron Granchester, was Kenneth Suenson-Taylor (died 12 August 1995).[2]

Lord Grantchester gave more than £5,000 to the Labour Party in 1999-2000.

Since 2010 he has been Opposition Whip (Lords).[3]



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