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Christian Middle East Watch is a Christian Zionist group based in the UK which claims to be 'supported by groups representing some 30,000 British Christians who want to see Israel and the Middle East fairly represented in the life of our nation'.

It describes itself as ‘a long overdue voice coming from the Church in Britain, seeking to bring balance and truth to the debates and issues concerning the Middle East; at the heart of which lies the seeming unending and intractible(sic) struggle between the Jewish State of Israel and her Muslim neighbours.’

It also states that ‘Great Britain, historically a Christian nation, has unique ties to the Jewish people and Israel. This is principally through her Judeo-Christian heritage, historical links, common democratic values and shared sacred scriptures.’[1]

CMEW is a registered company incorporated 27 November 2009 as 'Christian Middle East Forum' and changed its name to Christian Middle East Watch on 19 January 2010.[2]


CMEW states that it is ‘helping to reinforce Britain's Judeo-Christian heritage and the biblical morality underlying our nation's parliamentary and legal systems’ by engaging in the following activities:

  • CMEW seeks to bring understanding, balance, comment and analysis on the Middle-East into the political arena, the media and the public domain.
  • CMEW addresses the place of Israel within the wider region and the need to understand God's purpose and plan for what is the "Promised Land” in the Bible.
  • CMEW will highlight the role of Britain in the Middle-East in recent history and the consequences of its stewardship of the region during the 20th century.
  • CMEW will confront antisemitism in Britain in all its various forms.
  • CMEW is unique in endeavouring to confront secular Britain with biblical Truth concerning Israel and the Middle-East through the presentation of Truth in a form palatable to the non-Christian world.


In August 2011, CMEW’s blog stated that it had organised a seminar for MPs and peers at the House of Commons on Tuesday September 13th with the title “Are The Palestinians Ready For Statehood?” The date was chosen because it was the official opening date for the next UN General Assembly. The event was not open to the public but supporters were asked to encourage their MP to attend. CMEW stated:

The British Government supports the concept of ‘two states for two people’: Israel and a Palestinian state living side-by-side within defensible and agreed borders. The Palestinian leadership, however, continues to sponsor incitement against Israel and Jewish people and to teach its children the ‘blessings’ of being a suicide terrorist bomber, dying to kill Israelis.
We are holding the seminar to draw attention to the fact that British taxpayers’ money is being sent to support the Palestinian budget with no accountability or conditions on how the money is to be spent. Thus, Britain is unintentionally helping the Palestinians to continue their campaign of demonisation and incitement to murder while pressuring Israel to make yet more concessions in the name of peace.[3]


CMEW states that it aims to be ‘a prime source of balanced and factual information’ in particular on:

  • ‘delegitimisation’ of Israel
  • the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign
  • anti-semitism
  • and ‘incitement and hate education’

Its website hosts publications to buy or download free on the subjects above by authors including Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch, Roy Thurley of Christian Friends of Israel, Russell Bowles, Kathy Durkin, and Chris Moxon.[4]

It has also produced an anti-boycott report together with UK Lawyers for Israel called ‘Recycling Veolia’.




Main website:
Registered company number: 7088525
Twitter: @cmew2


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