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The Christian Institute (CI) is a British evangelical Christian pressure group. It is a registered charity that aims 'to promote Christian influence in a secular world'. [1]


The Christian Institute says it 'exists for “the furtherance and promotion of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom” and “the advancement of education”.'[2] It is a nondenominational Christian charity 'committed to upholding the truths of the Bible. We are supported by individuals and churches throughout the UK.'[2] 'We believe', notes their website, 'that the Bible is the supreme authority for all of life and we hold to the inerrancy of Scripture. We are committed to upholding the sanctity of life from conception.'[2]

In 2010, the CI funded the defence of two Christian hotel owners accused of acting unlawfully under the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations, by refusing to let a gay couple in a civil partnership in the UK stay in a double room reserved for married couples.[3] The owners lost both the case and the subsequent appeal. [4]


In the year up to 31 December 2010 the Institute received an income of £1,739,107 and spent over £2million on its activities.[1]

Funding disbursed by the Nigel Vinson Charitable Trust in £ sterling [5]
Recipient Organisation 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Total 2004-2010
Christian Institute - - 2,000 4,000 4,000 - 4,000 14,000




Caroline Cox | Detta O'Cathain[7]: In 2008 it was reported that she also sponsored a parliamentary pass for the Christian Institute.[8]

Former Patrons

Baroness Young 1995-2002[9]




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